I was touched when I recently opened an email from a guy named Kevin...he sent me some information about a car wash fundraiser to help with a very sad situation.  I fully intend to stop by this one myself!  Here is what Keven sent:

"Shelly Wiley-Geraci has organized a fund raiser for a friend of hers.
Her friend has a dog that came into the world in an unfriendly home.
This little girl is a black lab named Angel. Little Angel was thrown out
of a second floor window when she was only 4 months old. After that she
was adopted by her current family, where she has lived a happylife for
the past 8 years. Now this little girl has a large tumor that needs to
be removed, but her parents aren't able to cover the cost. They love
Angel and really want to help her.
Shelly has been working very hard to get a car wash and bake sale setup
to try to help her friend. This will be on August 23th from 9:00 AM to
2:00 PM at O'Reillys at 911 S. Main in Englewood.
She is also working on getting some raffles setup. I know that there
will be a set of 4 Dayton Dragons tickets with hat vouchers being
raffled. Could be more.
If there is anyway that you could announce this it would be greatly

Announced and will attend, Kevin.  Prayers to sweet Angel! xo