Hello friends!  No, I haven't been fired (that I know of) haha ;)  I went on a quick little trip to FL with my nieces. Then, on the flight home I had a lovely asthma attack and my health kinda went downhill from there.  I know I'm not the only one who has noticed these bugs are really holding on huh?!! 

I need to thank you co-worker Shaun Vincent for filling in for me during my McSickly days off.  Poor Shaun....his dog Isa passed away last week (which is why I was on the air for him last week). He comes back and has to fill in for ME :(  By the way he has a really sweet lil tribute to Isa on his blog page mix1077.com keyword Shaun

If you've logged on here looking for the Rick Springfield & friends vacation recap video, SCROLL DOWN!  It's still here and in a few days I will move it to the left side of this page where it will remain until I no longer work here! ;)