Hey guys!

Since my return from the Atlantis trip with Rick Springfield and friends I've been on the mend.  I wasn't exactly sick but I did lose my voice.  Now before you say "Well she did it again, too much singing and screaming for Rick" I have to tell you that I was very aware of not overdoing it this year.  In fact, I hardly sang, screamed, or cheered loudly at all for that reason!  Unfortunately, I lost my voice anyway.  I was in good company though, almost everyone I know who went on this trip has complained of having voice issues - INCLUDING RICK!

Yep, even the Master of Ceremonies had to cancel all shows the following weekend due to illness.  Just when I thought I was worst off for losing my voice with the job I have...  It just goes to show you, someone always has it worse than you! 

I'm back at work now and will be back on the air this weekend.  Thanks for the email & messages on social media!  I've been back to the voice institute and the Doc says she doesn't think the vocal issues are anything that will be long-term! :)

If you click "previous posts" on my main blog page you will still be able to see the photo albums posted during my trip.  I'm going to be working on the recap video just as soon as time allows.  Right now it's Christmas tree season so I'm swamped with those right now.  I will share with you the iheart Media lobby tree I decorated last week:

 Happy Holidays!  D.