Headed back from the Apple store yesterday evening, I stopped in to talk to THE vet, Dr. Allen in Plain City, Ohio.  You may recall me mentioning how Dr. Allen was the vet who saved my beloved "Shooter" at age 2 and he lived to age 15.  If not, the short story is he saved Shooter after 2 others told me he was a goner & after all these years I still feel Dr. Allen is THE MOST brilliant vet out there.

When I walked in, there was a guy sitting on the bench with his (all) grey cat that was the same size as Shooter and had the same face (other than the bit of white Shooter had).  I mentioned that he looked like my beloved Shooter and the nice guy said I could pet him if I wanted to.  I did and it was great but very emotional too.  It was SO nice of that guy to let me pet him.  It was like a little visit with my baby again so of course I then lost it when I got back into my car.  Gosh it is going on 6 years and I still bawl over losing that boy.

Treat your pets right!  They are family members too.  Why is it people "get it" when you lose a human family member but when you lose a furry one they say things like "it was ONLY a cat, just get another one"! I hate that phrase probably more than any other.  Please people, be kind when speaking to someone who has lost a furry family member. Be caring and considerate, like that guy who let me blubber over his Shooter look-alike yesterday :)