Celebrity photographer Henry Grossman reveals shots from his intimate sessions with the world's greatest rock band.

Photographer Henry Grossman, who has taken classic shots of celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Jimi Hendrix and seven presidents, is releasing a collection of over 1,000 mostly never-before-seen images of the Beatles in his book, “Places I Remember: My Time With the Beatles.”

Unprecedented in its scope and intimacy, “this is among the most significant collection of Beatles images in existence, both artistically and historically,” said book co-editor Kevin Ryan.

Grossman first got access to the band in 1964, when he first photographed them during their first performance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” By 1965, he was traveling with the group as a companion, and continued to capture private moments for the next three years. “From private moments at home with their loved ones, to late-night parties and recording sessions,” the press release states, “Grossman took more photos of The Beatles over a longer period of time than any other photographer.”

The collection includes an introduction by Sir Paul McCartney, who wrote: “Even though the Beatles had lots of photographs taken of them, occasionally one of the photographers would be out of the ordinary – Henry Grossman was one such photographer.”

Curvebender Publishing has released six photographs from the collection to Salon, which also includes a photograph taken by Ringo Starr.

Henry Grossman with George, Paul and John during the filming of "Help!"
Credit: Ringo Starr
George poses with girlfriend Pattie outside of his Esher home.
Credit: © 2012 Henry Grossman
Paul being interviewed by Time magazine.
Credit: © 2012 Henry Grossman
Ringo walks the grounds of his home, accompanied by Tiger.
Credit: © 2012 Henry Grossman
John poses in a white military jacket during a photo shoot at Ringo’s house for Life magazine.
Credit: © 2012 Henry Grossman
Henry accompanied the Beatles to Wales, where they traveled to learn more about transcendental meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The trip was cut short by the news of their manager, Brian Epstein’s, sudden passing.
Credit: © 2012 Henry Grossman
(Credit: © 2012 Henry Grossman)